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I'm Rachel Beck.  I'm not a lawyer or a therapist. If you want that sort of thing, there are a plethora of well-written books and sites out there. Hell, I've read a zillion of them. I'm a single mother who kicked ass in the legal system to get the child support my ex owed. I'm not anything professional or notable - the one thing I am is a 'steam roller' (direct quote per my ex's attorney).

My ex was cheating the system, cheating me, and most distressingly, cheating our child. I found out about it through sheer luck and then went on to battle him for over two and a half years. You'd think millions of dollars were at stake. They weren't. It was the difference between $500 and $1385 a month - which to any struggling single mom is a windfall. It was the difference between no financial contribution to school and such, and a court ordered 50%.

"Get Your Child Support:  My Journey Uncovering Hidden Income and Tripling My Child Support" is my story about going legal Annie to get what is rightfully my child's.  I hope to inspire you to stand up and fight for what's right.

Don't lose the fire woman warrior goddess you once were.

- Rachel

Marriage is temporary, but divorce is forever. 

You may not have millions of dollars of assets in question, but the decisions you make now will affect you and your children for years to come. 

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Excellent Guide!  Really gives you everything you need to know when getting a divorce. Lots of great tips and information.. If you're thinking about leaving your spouse you'll definitely want to grab this book. Not doing everything properly could end up costing you in the end! Definitely recommend!

K. R. T. 

A Great Help!  This is an easy to read play by play of how to save money while going through the stress of divorce. The author draws from her own real world experiences to give helpful information that anyone considering or currently going through a divorce can benefit from. This is definitely a must read guide.

Heather Z. 

Fast Read!  Valuable Info!  I'm stuck with my divorce lawyer right now. If I knew what I was getting into I would have research more. Anyway, I picked this book up and read it over lunch. The tips helped me better manage how I work with him now. Already this week, I complied things the way Rachel recommended and have easily saved myself two emotional rambling emails - which would mean about a half an hour of time or $175 in attorney fees. I recommend reading this if you've got an attorney on retainer - you'll save money!